Quilting Techniques

What can you do to help ensure a beautiful quilt?  Here are a few helpful hints.

1.         Press your quilt top well.  Pressing each block as you assemble them is very helpful.  Press bulky seams open.  This will ensure a flat top that quilts out well without those troublesome bumps and bulges.

2.         Be sure all your seams are stitched completely and your thread tension is good when piecing your quilt top.  If you have a pieced border OR BIAS EDGES, we suggest stay-stitching the edges to prevent unraveling of your seams and to prevent stretching. 

3.         If your backing is pieced, please press all seams open and remove the selvedges from the seam (you do not need to remove them from the sides, just from any seams) .  It is easier for us to work with horizontal seams (side to side), rather than vertical (top to bottom).  Be sure your backing is at least 6 inches wider and longer than your finished quilt top.  Please don’t use high thread count sheets because they don’t quilt very well.  If you really want to use a sheet, we can do it, but please select a lower thread count.

4.         Square up your quilt so that your finished quilt will lay flat and square.

5.         Be careful with your borders – wavy borders are hard to quilt out correctly.  Longarm machines work best with straight borders.

6.         If you plan to have a scalloped or wave edge on your quilt, please wait to trim the shape until after the quilt is quilted.  If you would like to mark your quilt top for the scallops and waves, that is fine, but please do not cut the shapes until after quilting is complete.

7.         If your quilt top or backing has a definite top and bottom please pin a note to the top edge indicating so.

Following these guidelines will help us help you.  We will always strive to treat your quilt like it was our own and to do our best work every time.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project.

Fine Finishes Longarm Quilting Services, LLC